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Deliveries will take longer than usual. Please place the orders accordingly.
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About us

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Our Story 

Hello!  Welcome to Vishisht Lifestyle. I am really glad you are here. 

I am Namrata, founder of Vishisht Lifestyle. I was working in an MNC for a couple years before I started Vishisht. The idea of Vishisht came from some skin rashes I had developed one summer and none of the moisturisers could help. I then did some research and learnt about the nasty chemicals found in majority of mass produced skin care products and their harmful effects on our skin and the environment. Hence, I started looking for alternatives and learnt about the benefits of natural skin care and pure ingredients such as carrier oils, essential oils, butters etc.

Soon, I started formulating different recipes for moisturisers, lip balms, skin scrubs etc and to my surprise they all worked wonderfully and gave great results. I also gave the products to my friends and family members to try and took their feedback. This went on for a year and a half after which I felt that I should offer these products to everyone like you. 

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I then started my research and completed 80% of the work while I still had my job. I reached a point where it was impossible to handle both work and business. Hence, I quit my full time job with all my life time savings. It did pain a little to lose a fixed monthly income and to be honest, it was very difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle. However, the passion to launch Vishisht kept motivating me. Like any other business, we faced new obstacles everyday and learnt from our mistakes as we moved forward. After checking off all the items from our to-do list, we finally launched on May 10, 2018 and here we are today close to 2 years into business delivering our products to your doorstep. 

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Our Mission

We aim to provide natural and eco-friendly alternatives to daily use skin care products by reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet.

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Our Values

Our Planet - There is no denying the fact that we are in the middle of a climate crisis and we have very little time left to save our mother earth. It is important to acknowledge that we will survive only when this planet survives. There are a variety of ways in which we can contribute by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. We can start by avoiding single-use plastic, segregating dry and wet waste, buy only the things that we need, switch to products that are eco-friendly and are low waste etc. At Vishisht, we try to do our bit by shipping our products in 100% plastic free and sustainable packaging to promote low waste. Know more about how we pack our products here.


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Cruelty Free - We do not believe in exploiting animals to meet one`s business or personal needs. Our furry friends have as much right on this planet as we do. As such, we have no right to test on them or subject them to any harm which may leave them with disabilities or any other health condition. Hence, we never perform animal testing and strongly oppose it. We urge you to stop buying from brands which harm animals, test on them and even kill them to meet their business goals.

Support small businesses - We are a small business ourselves and we believe in supporting all small businesses. Small business owners and local shops are the people who work hard day and night to put food on the table. We can promote them by buying from them, by posting about them on social media and also by recommending them to our friends. Most of the small business owners provide excellent customer service, offer a human touch, follow ethical practices and are eco-friendly which serves the bigger purpose. At Vishisht, we source 90% of our raw materials, ingredients, packaging materials etc from local vendors.

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Handmade, natural and chemical free - All the products we offer you are handmade and prepared in fresh batches. The ingredients that we use are 100% natural and majority of them are certified organic to ensure that we provide you with a great quality product. 

We do not add any synthetic materials,stabilizers, preservatives etc. to adjust the form and consistency in our formulations as such our products come with an expiry period of one year and are delivered in their natural form. 

We also do not add any nasty chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrance, phthalates etc. These chemicals are very harmful for the skin and may lead to various diseases and skin problems in the future. We believe nature has provided us with all the resources we need which is why we use natural ingredients like pure grade carrier oils, unrefined butters and pure essential oils in our products. We have mentioned the ingredients used in each product in the respective product`s page. Check out our collection here.

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Come join us in the journey to a sustainable and low waste lifestyle.

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