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How a Visit to a Not-So-Clean Beach Inspired Sumit to Launch His Home Cleaners Brand

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As you probably know by now, just how much we love sustainability and every person or brand who contributes to a greener and healthier planet. We had the opportunity to speak with Mr Sumit Goyal, founder of Ecosys. Ecosys is hands down the Best Home Cleaning Solution we have come across. Their products are Zero-waste, quite LITERALLY!
In the following interview, we learn more about the brand Ecosys, what makes it different from other brands, the benefits of using it and much more.

So, without further ado, let us get into it!

Brief Introduction about the founder and the brand Ecosys
Mr Sumit Goyal, born and brought up in a small village in Rajasthan, is a Chartered accountant by Profession. He is very much passionate about sustainability. He always makes sure to start a sustainable lifestyle from small things.
Ecosys is a Mumbai startup that offers eco-friendly cleaning solutions in Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) capsules. The brand is on the mission to remove plastic from the earth in the maximum possible manner and start reusing things rather than just throwing them out through innovative products which help drive the goal of an eco-friendly and sustainable ecosystem.

How did your journey start? What was the reason for you to launch Ecosys?
Sumit Goyal hails from the deserts of rural Rajasthan and is a native of Shrimadhopur. He moved to Mumbai in 2010 for a CA internship and visited the famous Juhu beach one evening to seek peace and calm.

"The beach was filled with dog poo, rubbish and plastic bottles. I wondered whether it was a beach or dump yard. I was upset looking at the miserable state of the beach but could not think of a solution," shares Sumit.
The thought of mitigating plastic waste inspired him to establish a sustainable startup that prevents plastic waste from entering landfills or floating around the ocean. Sumit completed his CA in 2013.

He explained that PVA does not cause microplastic pollution as the microbes in water transform it into H2O and CO2, making it a biodegradable substance. They had to prepare a PVA film which could contain the cleaning agents. Their concept was to use PVA as water-soluble containers for the cleaning solutions. He mentioned that the capsules have similar properties to plastic - flexibility can be bent or stretched and is strong.
The formulation was perfect. Sumit and his team derived a packaging material that was eco-friendly, convenient to use and safe. At the same time, the original properties of the packaged products were intact.
Since the product was new, it took time for consumers to learn and accept it.
"But despite disappointments, we believed in our product and continued to convince the customers," Sumit shares.

Sumit is also planning to add new products such as laundry and dishwasher pods.
He mentioned, "We aim to expand our product range and reach more environmentally-conscious consumers who can contribute to our cause and help reduce the pollution around us."

How are Ecosys cleansers different from other cleansers?

Few things that are Products' Major USP:

  • Made with 100% non-toxic ingredients
  • Cost-effective
  • Pet friendly
  • 100% Eco-friendly packaging (Plastic free packaging) Ecosus Cleanser Benefits

What are the benefits of Ecosys cleansers?
Ecosys is the newest sustainable upgrade for all your cleaning needs! Unlike other cleaners, Ecosys has removed the need to ship your cleaners in plastic bottles. We encourage you to make your own cleaner using Ecosys refill capsules and reuse existing spray bottles.
We do not boast about strong scents that harm our environment and family. The ingredients used in our cleaners are pet and kids-friendly
To date, 80000+ plastic bottles have been diverted from entering our landfills and oceans.
Pet owners are very much worried about their pets and their lifestyle. Our products take a stand for them by offering products that are pet friendly and non-toxic.

How can users buy your product?
Our products are available on our website, Amazon, Flipkart, jio-mart, sustainakart, kindlife, One green greenostore, green feels, brown living, amala earth and many more platforms.


Are there any personal eco-friendly tips you would like to share with our audience?
Avoid using plastic. Try to eliminate the need for plastic in your life and search for options which help u do it.
Eliminate throwing garbage on roads, beaches, railway stations and public places.
Bring your own water bottle
Carry your own bags while shopping
Careful consumption of resources

Sumit Goyal and his brand story are truly inspiring. What makes their products even better is that now there is no need to buy plastic bottles anymore. We can keep reusing the bottles that we already have at home. To be honest, we cannot think of a much better cleansing solution for our homes.

If you agree with us, then please reach out to Ecosys using the options mentioned below:

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Whatsapp - 7506164949
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